About CrewNerd

CrewNerd is a smartphone application for rowers, paddlers, and coaches that runs on iPhones and Android devices. It is designed to provide feedback to athletes during their workouts, and record information for later review and analysis.

Coaches also find CrewNerd useful as a tool to help keep their practices organized. With a waterproof case and a Bluetooth GPS accessory, an iPad can be a great tool for helping coaches step through their practice plans (with time or distance-based intervals) and keep track of the rest time between workouts or intervals.

CrewNerd includes a "Live Tracking" feature that lets athletes transmit their location and performance data in real time to a web server, where it can be relayed to coaches or spectators through this web site. This offers many advantages over the radio-equipped SpeedCoach XL3 & XL4, made by Nielsen-Kellerman.

Some of the key features of the CrewNerd Live Tracking viewer include:

  • Works on most modern smartphones, tablets, and desktop browsers
  • Uses your cellular provider, so athletes are never out of range
  • View as many boats as your display size allows
  • Use the map view to quickly see where all of your athletes are. (Makes a great safety tool in the boathouse!)
  • Configurable display lets you change text size, the number of data columns, and the data displayed in each column
  • The "dark" theme option is great for early morning practices
  • Sort the boat list by name or by any data column
  • Does not violate US and international rules of rowing since data is only transmitted OUT of the boat

To learn more about CrewNerd, please visit our web site.