Welcome to CrewNerd!

This web site contains a live tracking viewer for the CrewNerd mobile application. With the CrewNerd viewer, you can monitor athletes using CrewNerd from anywhere in the world. Monitor their stroke rate, speed, and other workout information, and see their location update in real time on a map. You can even check the current weather conditions at their location.

Choose the appropriate button below to go straight to the viewer, or to learn more about how to get started with the viewer.


For rowing and paddling athletes, the CrewNerd application gives you real-time performance information during your workouts. The application works much like an NK SpeedCoach device but with many additional features. CrewNerd runs on both iPhone and Android. Our "Live Tracking" feature allows you to transmit your data over the internet, securely and in real time to coaches, spectators, or boathouse staff.


For coaches, CrewNerd and the Live Tracking viewer provide a live view of your team during practice or competition. Because CrewNerd Live Tracking is relayed through the internet, there are no issues with WiFi range. Track speed, distance, stroke rate, heart rate, and much more in real time. Use the map view to keep track of your boats no matter where they are. This is also a great safety feature for use in the boathouse.


At regattas, use the CrewNerd Live Tracker to track every move that your crew makes during their race. See how high their stroke rate was at the start, and watch their big move at the 1000m mark. Contact your athlete, coach, or event organizer to get the club name and password that they'll be using. The CrewNerd viewer works with most smartphone browsers (including Android), so it's easy for everyone to see what your favorite crew is up to, no matter where they are!